"Origins" residency in the form of an equation

[(10 dancers + 8 designers) x (2 fire drills) + (20 dorm rooms) + (10 trips to Whole Foods) + (1 76th birthday) + (5 tea cups) + (“1 ton of pitchblende”) – (1 visit to the massage therapist/1 visit to the acupuncturist) x [(new) set + music + costumes + text + video + movement] x ( Delta x, Delta p ge frac{hbar}{2} ) ] / (5 days) =

1 Dance Exchange creative residency at Montclair State University

Costume pieces

More costume pieces

Ami gets ready for photo call

Photo call: John Borstel and Ben Wegman

An evening out in downtown Montclair

A big thank you to everyone at the Alexander Kasser Theater at MSU for making our week run so smoothly. We can’t wait to be back next spring. And now: company vacation! We’ll see you in a week…

About Sarah Levitt

Sarah Levitt (Resident Artist/Communications Coordinator) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Maryland.