"The Matter of Origins" Featured in Sunday's Washington Post!

In the Post today, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange’s own Ben Wegman talks about The Matter of Origins world premiere, which is inspired by physics:

“‘It’s incredibly dense material,’ says Benjamin Wegman, one of the dancers who accompanied Lerman on her trip to Switzerland, who describes the immense scale of the CERN collider and the whole complex there as ‘like you’re in a Will Smith science fiction movie.’ After all the thinking and discussing and rehearsing, though, he says he’s come to appreciate what he calls ‘the beauty’ of physics.

‘We see it as very dry, basic math,’ Wegman says, but for physicists, the math is a language. ‘The math is the purest form that they can understand things in. And it’s like the world is just a translation for all these things they’re thinking.'”

When I see the photo above (Wegman with dancer Paloma McGregor), I think about the language of movement. Check out Astrid Riecken’s other photos, read the rest of Sarah Kaufman’s article, and watch the Dance Exchange artists speak with their bodies during their September 10 and 12 premiere!

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