A few weeks ago my husband and I were discussing our dog Riley.

Keith Thompson in Liz Lerman's The Matter of Origins by Jacklyn Borowski

“Why does she always need to be patted?” he asked, quite jovially one morning as they were tussling together on the floor. And I answered, “That’s how she knows she exists.”

That is the way I felt during the too-brief run of the premiere of the Matter of Origins last weekend. Not the patting on the back part, although I got a lot of “good job” from all involved. Rather that a dance needs an audience to really exist, or to exist beyond my own imagination and that of the wonderful people I worked with to bring this one to fruition.

I mean more the tussle, the challenge, the working of the minds and bodies of everyone in that room together. And in this case it was rooms plural, as Act Two took place in three different tea rooms spread around the lovely Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Our audiences tussled and struggled and asked questions and gave answers. I couldn’t have asked for a better opening (especially since we have been working on and off for three years, placing rehearsals and designer visits in between other touring and speaking engagements—the work that keeps a small dance company alive in difficult economic times.)

Now I am lonely. I want to be back in rehearsal fixing what I saw, preparing the work for future wonderful audiences. I cant’ wait to bring it to our next site, Montclair State University, in March 2011.

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