dance history to go!

Dance Exchange will be hosting a free dance history panel on Monday, November 15 at 7 p.m. Each panelist will be discussing one image that is particularly rich for them and we have a diverse group of choreographers, scholars, and administrators to share their stories.

Fresh from his recent successful Kickstarter funding campaign, local choreographer, arts advocate, dancer, and writer Rob Bettmann will be discussing 19th century ballerina Marie Taglioni. Juliet Bellow is on the art history faculty at American University and will be speaking about Rodin and his connection to dance. Dance Exchange communications guru Emily Macel Theys will share some insights on the always-fascinating Martha Graham. Renowned dance historian John Perpener will be revealing facets of pioneering African American choregrapher Eleo Pomare. Rahel Leupin, a dance programmer and scout in DC for only a few months, will bring tales from the other side of the Atlantic, and tell us about Jerome Bel.

I’m interested in seeing what kind of sparks will fly when Jerome Bel and Eleo Pomare are presented in the same evening. We often divide dance history into neat time periods, or easy genre divisions. This approach is aimed at breaking down some of those categories. When all of dance history is available, what are people really compelled to talk about? What is still stirring after years have gone by? What connections might be lurking, waiting to be discovered with the right catalyst? I’m excited to find out, and hope that you can join us in this non-stuffy dance history presentation, designed to be accessible whether you have season tickets to every dance offering at the Kennedy Center or just like to watch Dancing with the Stars!

Some assorted links associated with the presenters:
Rahel’s home-base in Zurich: Rote Fabrik
Rob’s Kickstarter campaign for his new project, Quis Custodiet
Emily’s profile of the Washington Ballet’s Maki Onuki for Dance Magazine
Juliet speaking about Marc Chagall with his granddaughter for WETA
a biographical essay by John on choreographer Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

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Ellen Chenoweth has been with the Dance Exchange since 2009 and is currently Managing Director.