Brussels: European Capital for CRP!

Two short weeks from today, Liz Lerman and I will be in Brussels, Belgium to launch a five-day intensive titled “Feedback Tools for Creation” hosted by Contredanse, the Brussels Dance Association. The workshop, which invites artists to bring work-in-progress for development over the course of the week, will employ Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) as its key structure for critique and communication about art under construction.

It’s thrilling to get an invitation like this from an international partner. For the first time CRP will be used to anchor a multi-day laboratory or incubator for new work, so we look forward to digging in deep with the Process and its applications, principles, and variations. Moreover, Liz and I are excited about co-teaching this itensive because of what it promises to reveal about CRP itself. People often question whether CRP is culturally specific — reflecting its particular US origins, or if it provides the neutral ground to balance cultural differences. The multi-national participation and European context should provide a great opportunity to examine that question.

I hope to be blogging from Brussels and sharing the insights we glean from this experience, so keep an eye on this site starting on December 6.

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