Teen Exchange Flash Mob at Washington Grantmakers

Last Thursday the Teen Exchange performed in a Flashmob with Urban Artistry at the Washington Grantmakers annual meeting. Peter DiMuro from Metro Dance/DC invited the teens to reprise the Flashmob from 2010’s Dance is the Answer. It was great to dance with the enthusiastic, professional and stylish Urban Artistry Crew and to inject a welcome element of fun and dance to our area grantmakers’ hearts and minds. The conference explored the theme of developing both leaders and followers. Visionary leadership is necessary but dedicated followers are what bring the project to fruition. Sometimes it takes more courage to continue to pursue a developed course of action instead of constantly reinventing the wheel. This is a great idea to explore with both teens and artists. How can we find value in established structures instead of jumping straight to the next great idea? What does it mean to continue to dedicate myself to an artistic pursuit? Can we appreciate the vision of a leader and follow his lead to create a richer experience for all? Just like in a Flashmob. One person starts dancing unexpectedly and seemingly crazy until others join and a movement is formed.

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