A post from guest blogger Alli Ross

Alli Ross recently received her Masters in Arts in Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. We’re lucky to have her assisting our course through documenting and teaching. Here is her post about heading into the final week of the intensive:

We are in our third week of the January Intensive at Harvard, and students are making dances and participating in such exciting ways.  The second week brought about questions such as “What does technique include?” and “How do statements such as ‘I am a choreographer’ or ‘I am a dancer’ encourage artistry and collaboration, and do they?” Students in Keith’s piece are spending their mornings learning challenging phrase work that they later incorporate into the movement they create for this new work. A group of students who worked with Liz for the first two weeks and are now working with DX adjunct artist Vincent Thomas are learning how to deconstruct movement phrases and apply variations on a movement theme, exploring elements such as quality, tempo, and spatial relationship.  Other Dance Exchange tools such as Equivalents are assisting students in tying movement and their personal writing together in their work.

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