Teaching through Skype

Last Friday I walked into studio three armed with a boom box with a line in cord, an iPod, a webcam and a laptop on which I had downloaded skype. For anyone else this might not have seemed odd, but for Ms un-techno Shula, it was something else again. My kids will not believe I can actually use all those items.

I was there to pilot a new teaching style for Dance Exchange- at 11AM I had an appointment with Temille in Saudi Arabia to do our first DX toolbox session on skype. We had spoken a week earlier on skype and I had given her an assignment- a simple “I come from” prompt to get us started.

We began with a check in- we couldn’t quite “circle up,” (sit in a circle) but we managed anyway. After a short follow-me warm up, we tried a new version of One to Ten- making shapes in relation to someone on the other side of the world. Amazingly, it worked. What an incredible tool. We both felt a strong connection to each other as we worked.

After that we shared our “I come from” lists, interviewed each other about some of the statements and then built a phrase. Finally I guided Temille through equivalence and had her make an equivalence phrase for one of her statements.

Now she has an assignment to combine elements of the two phrases into a short solo for herself. The ninety minute session flew by and we are scheduled for two more. We’re already talking of continuing with a small group of her friends.

A new twist on “Where does the dance happen?” Wherever you are, we can dance with you.

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About Shula Strassfeld

Shula Strassfeld began dancing “too late” and has been dancing ever since. She joined Dance Exchange in 2007.