Spring tour wrap-up

Since January, the company has been traveling between our home studios in Takoma Park, MD and various places around the country to teach and perform. And we have the pictures to prove it.

January: Keith, Liz and I taught a three-week long course in Harvard’s dance program, the Ferocious Beauty: Genome cast performed at James Madison University, and Liz and adjunct artist Ami Dowden-Fant began teaching a course at Wesleyan University.

Harvard students during a site-specific work session

Matt Mahaney and Benjamin Wegman perform in Ferocious Beauty: Genome at JMU

Shula and Ralph at JMU

February: The “youngers” in The Matter of Origins spent a few days in New York for rehearsals. Liz and Ami continued their work at Wesleyan. The company ended the month at Wesleyan, performing a new form of Origins: we took sections of the first act, and placed them into two back-to-back performances of “Tea,” the second, site-specific act of the show.

The world in a teacup at Wesleyan

March: Ben, Meg, and I went up to New York participate in “Conversations at the Flea”, where Ben and I performed an excerpt of our new work Hammock. Later that month, the Origins cast and designers spent 10 days in residence at Montclair State University, where we refined the piece, and performed four shows. You can read a nice review here.

Ted shows us how to prepare a delicious lunch in MSU's kitchen

Tamara and physicist Brian Stewart rehearse for “Tea” at MSU

The stage set for tea at MSU (photo by Logan Kibens)

April: The Origins team headed to Arizona State University’s Gammage Center, where we performed as a part of The Origins Project conference, despite a power outage on the day of the show. From Arizona, Ben, Ami, and former company Elizabeth Johnson flew to Minneapolis to work with members of the Minnesota Chorale to prepare for a fall performance. Cassie and I, along with adjunct artists Stephanie Miracle and Suzie Richard spent five days in Georgia creating a piece on members of Georgia College & State University’s dance and theatre students, and on participants from the Life Enrichment Center. We closed out April in San Francisco, where recipients of this year’s MetLife Healthy Living commissions premiered their works at the Aging in America conference.

Tea on the promenade at ASU

A warm welcome in Minnesota (photo by Benjamin Wegman)

Sarah and Stephanie perform at GCSU

Members of the San Francisco team at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (photo by Daniel Zook)

May: Cassie, along with adjunct artists Paloma McGregor and Wayles Haynes worked with the Girl Scouts of Hawaii during the first week of May, while another team headed up to Delaware to perform Martha Wittman’s “Running with the Wind” for a group of students at the Christina Cultural Arts Center in Wilmington.

Paloma McGregor and Wayles Haynes speak with the Girl Scouts of Hawaii

Suzie and I warm up for "Running with the Wind" at the Christina Cultural Arts Center (phone by Daniel Zook)

And now…you can find us in the studio in rehearsal for upcoming projects, including Hammock and How to Lose a Mountain, and preparing for our Summer Institutes. Hope to see you around Takoma Park this summer!

About Sarah Levitt

Sarah Levitt (Resident Artist/Communications Coordinator) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Maryland.