Research comes in multiple forms

I spent the beginning of June teaching as part of the summer intensive at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence, Kansas.  I love teaching every summer at the LAC, not only because I thoroughly enjoy the students and community, but because I really feel like the Lawrence Arts Center staff welcomes experimentation, research, and me bringing my full self to the students and faculty.

Because Sarah and I are gearing up toward our Hammock premiere in September, I decided to use some of the students from the Lawrence Arts Center to help me delve into a gestural bit of choreography derived from the piece.  This is one way that I like to further my “research” whenever I’m in the middle of a creative process.  I find that often the best ideas happen when I can remove ideas or material from a process and introduce them to a totally new environment or community.

It’s also just a lot of fun.  I had a blast adapting the material for younger bodies and taking something that is built for two people and making it work for multiple bodies. Video to come soon!

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