Gazebo Park Action on Wednesday!

Inspire Intern Yecenia

Hello this is Yecenia, but people here at Dance Exchange know me by Teecee. I was chosen to write this blog as a part of the Inspire program at Dance Exchange. Inspire is a group of young interns who help out the community and who express their feelings through words and actions and especially through dancing. Before I ever got involved with Dance Exchange, dancing was something I loved to do, along with singing. I got involved with Dance Exchange through the Maryland Multicultural Youth Council Inspire Internship program. We had many choices for internships but when I saw the “dance” in Dance Exchange, I wanted to end up here.

The Inspire interns all came here for one reason: to work. I didn’t know that work would involve us helping out in the community. I’m pretty sure most of the interns assumed we would only be dancing! That wasn’t the case because we are involved with helping OUR community. There are 8 interns in the program divided into three groups:  Digital Media, Youth Programs, and Gazebo Park Committee. I’m part of the Digital Media group in charge of documenting our time here as Interns. We make flyers and are interviewing the community to learn their perspective on the Gazebo Park. We also write blogs, create videos, and promote our events.

Inspire Interns in rehearsal

Please join us at Gazebo Park Action in Gazebo Park in downtown Takoma on July 27th at 6pm. It’s an event to get the Takoma Park community together to dream about the future of Gazebo Park and what kinds of ways it can serve the Takoma Park community.

This is only our fourth week of the internship program, but we already know that we’re doing something good for this community. The Inspire group here is like a family. We engage with the community and have fun. And that’s what Inspire is all about.

About Emily Macel Theys

Emily (Communications and Development Director) joined the administrative team at the Dance Exchange in January 2010. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Emily received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Allegheny College, and her Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Formerly the associate editor at Dance Magazine, Emily’s dance writing has been published in Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, and the Washington Post among others. She is also an avid baker.