I Come From – Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder contest

Back in the spring, Dance Exchange artists worked with residents at Arcola Towers in Silver Spring, MD, and brought them into collaboration with high school students from Northwood High School, also from Silver Spring.  The results were surprising and moving, as is often the case with Dance Exchange’s intergenerational community work.  Dance Exchange artists Matt Mahaney and Stephanie Miracle created a short video that highlights some of the work that took place there.  I love the gorgeous smiles, and the small moments of stillness that were captured.  Take a look:

I Come From from Matt Mahaney on Vimeo.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Aging Initiative, Generations United, and the Rachel Carson Council sponsor a contest entitled Sense of Wonder, and we are a finalist in this year’s context.  You can vote once for your favorite entry in five categories: photos, essays, poetry, mixed media and dance.  All voting must take place by 5pm, September 30.  Go check it out here and vote for “I Come From” in the dance category!

p.s. Board member Sarah Anne Austin wrote a great blog about this project as well.

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Ellen Chenoweth has been with the Dance Exchange since 2009 and is currently Managing Director.