making quilts and dancing at bars

Last night saw Dance Exchange in fine form.  We hosted a make & bake at our studios in Takoma Park, where resident artist Shula Strassfeld led us through some quilting basics.  And then, we headed over to Jackie’s Sidebar in Silver Spring, where we were part of the Dan$e and Drink$ series that’s going on this month.  Resident artist Sarah Levitt performed Rest Easy, a version of the larger stagework called Hammock.  Here are some photos from both events!

Event organizers Keira and Katie, plus Sarah and her sign!


relaxation expert Josh

"does this look right?" Sarah in her hammock

quilting fun

studious quilters Shula and Lindsey

supplies just waiting to be used

Cassie with tea and baked treats

playing around in the kitchen



About Ellen Chenoweth

Ellen Chenoweth has been with the Dance Exchange since 2009 and is currently Managing Director.