Meet the Intern: Colleen Robinson

The Kid Herself

Here she is, boys! Here she is, world! Here’s…well, Colleen!

Hello, all! I am Colleen Robinson, fall intern at the ever exciting Dance Exchange. I came up to Takoma Park all the way from Louisiana, where I am currently getting my Masters in Arts Administration. Part of my program requires students to complete a semester-long internship at an arts organization and I am thrilled to have been invited to be a part of Dance Exchange.

What is Arts Administration? Well, it’s the work that goes into making sure people like you get to experience art to the fullest. This means plotting out a season of projects and showings, putting together marketing plans, getting the word out about upcoming events, writing grants and hosting fundraisers to keep operations going, and just taking care of all the small details so that you, the general public, can see all we have to offer. We’re the men and women behind the curtain, so to speak, helping put on great shows.

I already hold a BA in Theater from Columbia College in Chicago. I have worked at various theaters, both as a performer onstage and a stage manager and production assistant offstage. Other arts related jobs have included working in the box office at the Utah Festival Opera, working as an intern at Southern Rep Theater, and even making special appearances as the Easter Bunny at various locations.

I’ve been a fan of the arts ever since I could remember. Though I’m mostly a musical theater geek, I love it all: painting, music, writing, acting, photography, and, of course DANCE! The great thing about working with Dance Exchange (aside from the awesome staff and company) is that they really try to incorporate all different types of art into their events. Take our new HOME Series for example. We’re not satisfied to just stick to dance programs each week. We’ll have quilting and baking and film and even cocktails (and mixing cocktails is an art form in itself; trust me on this, I’m from New Orleans).

I learned to quilt during our first make & bake event!

So far, my position with Dance Exchange has required a lot of work. Between sending out information on upcoming events, putting together important documents for the artists and staff, booking flights and hotels for out-of-town performances, and helping with the upkeep of our website and social media, I’m certainly not wanting for tasks. But please don’t think an internship here is all work and no play. Part of being an intern means getting sneak peeks at upcoming performances and projects. It means being able to be a problem solver and helping out an awesome non-profit organization. It means gaining knowledge and skills that will help you on your future career path and make you a valuable asset to other organizations. It also means getting to sample the delicious snacks our multi-talented staff members concoct!

I only have about two more months with Dance Exchange and Takoma Park, but I do look forward to spending those two months doing something I love—helping promote art. I hope all of you will come out to Dance Exchange and see what we have to offer. I know I’ll be at as many DX events as I can, especially the HOME events, taking part in the fun and learning. I hope to see you there as well!

If any of you out there are interested in having the full DX Intern Experience, we’re currently looking for three interns to work with us this spring. You can find more information on these opportunities here.



About Colleen Robinson

Colleen Robinson is the Dance Exchange Administrative Intern for this fall.