Hammock love

things to love about hammocks:
– they’re relaxing
– you can lie in them
– they help take you on a mini mental vacation when you lie in them
– they can be used indoors and outdoors
– animals look adorable in them (youtube bears in hammocks, you won’t be disappointed)

things to love about Dance Exchange’s Hammock:
– it’s relaxing…AND thought provoking!
– Sarah and Ben not only lie in a hammock, but dance with, on, in, and around it!
– watching dance transports you to whole new worlds that you can’t just buy a plane ticket to
– you get to hang out indoors at Dance Place, what’s not to love about their wonderful theater?
– Sarah and Ben look fierce, friendly, loving, angry, energized, exhausted, and vibrant! see for yourself below!

Join Sarah, Ben, and the rest of the Dance Exchange this weekend for Hammock at Dance Place. December 3rd and 4th. Get your tickets here!

About Emily Macel Theys

Emily (Communications and Development Director) joined the administrative team at the Dance Exchange in January 2010. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Emily received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Allegheny College, and her Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Formerly the associate editor at Dance Magazine, Emily’s dance writing has been published in Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, and the Washington Post among others. She is also an avid baker.