Where in the world is Cassie Meador?

This week, she’s in Durban, South Africa participating in the UN Climate Negotiations!

Over the weeks of November 28th- December 9th 2011, delegates and heads of state from all over the world will meet in Durban, South Africa for the UNFCCC’s 17th Conference of Parties (COP17) to work together on an international climate change framework to lower global GHG emissions and, hopefully, secure a legally-binding agreement beyond the scope of last year’s COP16 output: the Cancun Agreements.

Cassie has been invited to join the Initiatives of Change team headed to Durban, an NGO that has obtained observer status at the conference. Initiatives of Change is a diverse, global network committed to building trust across the world’s divides. It works on the principle that changes in people’s motives, attitudes and behavior are not only possible but are the only sure basis on which wider lasting change in society can be brought about.

It is a rare and important responsibility to get to be a part of civil society invited inside the COP conference. With the opportunity comes great responsibility to give back to civil society outside of the conference. IofC team members will be doing this through direct blogs and participating in objective news coverage of the COP. The work does not stop after the COP, it only begins. Iofc team members will be building partnerships and future ways to work together towards lasting change.

Follow along with Cassie and the other participants on the IofC blog here and check back on the DX blog where we’ll continue posting about Cassie’s time in Durban this week! Find out more in this press release on the team that Cassie is with in Durban.

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