Bartenieff Fundamentals at DX

February has brought with it a dusting of snow, heart shaped chocolates and some amazing classes at Dance Exchange.

Wayles Haynes

Last week’s Thursday night event was a Bartenieff Fundamentals class led by our own Wayles Haynes. Wayles led the class through a series of exercises and discussions, tapping into both our creative and logical thinking. She described some of the basic principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals, an extension of Laban Movement Analysis. This included the six body connectivities, or patterns, we learn as a baby and continue to move in for the rest of our lives. We spent the class exploring these connectivities: breath, head/tail, core/distal, upper/lower, body half and cross-lateral. As a dancer, I enjoyed breaking down complex movement structures in such an orderly and accessible way. These movement patterns are incredibly basic but once we began to analyze them my thoughts began to shift. Just the recognition of the patterns began to change my relationship to them. Something as straightforward as a circle with the arms can open a whole world of new thinking. This class has left me with some great exercises to continue to use as well as, a new outlook on movement patterns.

This week Nancy Bannon will lead us through improvisational exercises to “Love Your Badass Self.” Join us for a class that will enliven your creative spirit and give you practical tools for performance. Class runs from 6-9pm.

About Caroline Barna

Caroline is the DX administrative intern for the winter/spring.