FRIDAY CLASS with Sarah Oppenheim

Sarah Beth Oppenheim

Every time I see Sarah Oppenheim, I say to myself: “I’m so glad she moved here”. Sarah, who moved recently from New York, has been a great addition to the arts community here, and I’m so excited to take her class this Friday. Hope you’ll drop in and dance with us! Class is from 9:30-11:15am and costs $12.

Class description: Moving large and eating space comprise the core concepts of this class which starts traditionally with a warmup to care for the deep muscles and smooth joints. The physically taxing phrases encourage abandon, speed and acuity as much as they allow for thoughtful choices and an underlying seamless calm. I encourage the exploration of quirky, luscious movement with a tender, stark quality. This is not your tree and seaweed modern class. Come prepared to get dirty!

Sarah Beth Oppenheim hails from the Wild, Wild West where she had trouble cutting on the dotted black line, so she read Steinbeck and became a modern dancer instead. She graduated from SUNY Purchase where she became a founding member of noa dance. She created her first avant-garde dance collective in Berlin and has created works for storage closets, balconies, living rooms, graveyards, bookstore aisles, burrito joints, and kitchen window sills with a good view of a crescent moon ever since.  Upon returning to New York, Oppenheim started teaching, directing plays, choreographing musicals, planning weddings, and cleaning house for a stripper who tipped very well. She is a 2009 Brooklyn Arts Council Regrant Recipient for her Brooklyn production Hold This Deep for Safe and is currently working with long-time collaborator Nora Petroliunas on a new project. A recent Virginia move has introduced her to the amazing metro dance community in projects by Stephanie Miracle and Tzveta Kassabova.

About Sarah Levitt

Sarah Levitt (Resident Artist/Communications Coordinator) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Maryland.