HOME series starts September 6

Two weeks from now, our HOME series at Dance Exchange will get up and running again!  We’re doing things a little differently this season.

If you’ve always wanted to dance but been intimidated by a traditional studio…

If you danced when you were little and always think about starting up again….

If you dance a lot but sometimes question dance’s relevance….

Then TAKOMA PARK MOVES  is the class for you.  Teachers will be a rotating cast of Dance Exchange artists and other local dancers.  They’ll teach a series of 4 classes; the first class will be a 30 minute intro class and each of the remaining three will be 90 minutes.  The intro class is free and each 90 minute class is $10.  Drop in as you like, or just take the free class for the whole year.  We’ll be happy to see you whenever you come! Resident Artist Sarah Levitt will kick off the series in September.

And if you are coming for the introductory class, you can stick around for the monthly HOME event.  Each event will happen on the first Thursday of the month.  We’re kicking off the series with our musician-in-residence David Schulman.  David graces our Friday morning classes and we’re looking forward to this pre-release party on September 6!

Then in October, we have another edition of i.v. Two for One, facilitated by Kelly Bond.  Last year we saw works in progress by artists like Meg Foley, Christina Gesualdi, Kelly Bond/Melissa Krodman, Tia Nina, and Samantha Speis.  Be ahead of the curve and come see the work that everyone will be talking about in a few months.  Expect a chance to dig deep with the artists in an unhurried and intimate atmosphere.

Check out the full line-up of monthly HOME events here.

About Ellen Chenoweth

Ellen Chenoweth has been with the Dance Exchange since 2009 and is currently Managing Director.