FRIDAY CLASS with Lori Yuill

Lori teaches a great class, and isn’t afraid to spend time on particular phrases or ideas–she allows time not only for students to grasp the sequence, but to dig into it. I remember one seemingly simple phrase that we spent time on during her last class series. Each time we did this sustained, rotational movement across the floor, I learned something else about it, and could calibrate my physical effort and intention more specifically to the movement with each pass. It was a treat to take the time to explore something, and really see the results of that research.

Lori will teach on September 28, October 12, 19, and 16 from 9:30-11:15am. Class is $12, or $10 if you have a class card. Lori’s bio and class description follow.


Originally from Texas, Lori Yuill is now a Takoma Park based dance artist.  She holds an MFA in dance from Sarah Lawrence College.  Locally Lori has worked with Daniel Burkholder/The Playground, Keira Hart-Mendoza/Uprooted Dance and Stephanie Miracle. Before moving to the DC area she had the great pleasure of performing with Sara Rudner in NY, Suchu Dance in Houston, and Momentum Danza Contemporanea in Guatemala; all of whom have contributed to her love of dance and inspired her to expand her movement horizons.  Her choreography has been presented through the Field, WAX, Dance Conversations at the Flea, Diverse Works, and The Big Range Dance Festival.


Class Description: I design class with the intention of training both the brain and the body.  In class I love to play with rhythm and create situations that encourage new physical coordinations.  I believe that by challenging our bodies to do something they have never done before we open ourselves to a greater spectrum of expression and a deeper level of luscious moving.  Some of the tools I’ve found helpful in achieving this goal are layering phrases, retrograde, and improvisation.  These tools introduce unusual physical situations that create new neuromuscular connections and give us access to a greater range of movement options.  I’m interested in creating a class within which each individual can expand their range of dancing and have time to explore ways of training their body.

Lori Yuill

About Sarah Levitt

Sarah Levitt (Resident Artist/Communications Coordinator) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Maryland.