Sarah Levitt teaches FRIDAY CLASS in November

I’m super jazzed to be teaching FRIDAY CLASS  during the month of November. I spent three weeks at Bates Dance Festival this summer taking class with some amazing teachers who have really influenced my personal movement practice and interests in both taking and teaching class, and I’m looking forward to sharing that information with you in this series. A big question that often comes up for me: Why do I take class? I’ll ask you to bring that question for yourself to this series as we explore rigorous quiet dancing, and examine the feedback our body gives us when we’re “killing it” vs. when we’re “marking it”. Hope to see you in class from 9:30-11:15am on November 2, 9, 16, 30 (no class November 23). Class is $12 per class, or $10 with a class card.


Class description: This class examines the functional form of the body, and how we work with our body to expand our capacity for physical expression. And why we do this at all. Sometimes it seems like being still might be best. But we’ll look for internal motivators that translate into physical action and explore how this translation from impulse to movement happens in our bodies. Class will emphasize finding stability through the core and support from the floor in order to investigate the spectrum of balance, momentum, directional changes, energy states, and clarity of intent. Through the use of improvisational structures to warm up the body, mind, and spirit, we’ll develop a new freedom to dig into dancing and find ease, efficiency, and power as we travel through space together.

Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I sit in small chairs and sing. Photo by Paul Gillis.

Sarah Levitt is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Maryland, and Resident Artist/Communications Coordinator at Dance Exchange. She received her early dance training from Gene Kelly via VHS, Barton & Williams School of Dance, and Ilona Kessell. These formative experiences helped her to earn a Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship in Dance from the University of Maryland, where she received a BA in Dance, and was honored with a Dorothy Madden Emerging Artist Award upon graduation. Since then, Sarah has danced professionally in the work of Robert Battle, Liz Lerman, Gesel Mason, Cassie Meador, PearsonWidrig DanceTheater, and Keith Thompson. She began working with the Dance Exchange in 2007, and became a full-time artist in 2010. She has enjoyed performing, teaching, and creating dances with Dance Exchange artists in universities, hospitals, senior centers, on stages, and outdoors in the US and abroad. Highlights include teaching residencies at the Kohler Arts Center, Harvard University and St. Elizabeths Hospital, and premiering and touring Liz Lerman’s The Matter of Origins. In 2009 and 2010, she received Individual Artist Awards from the Maryland State Arts Council in Solo Performance and Choreography, and in 2011, with collaborator Benjamin Wegman, received a Local Dance Commissioning Project award from the Kennedy Center for Hammock, which premiered at the Kennedy Center in September 2011. She and Ben share a 2012 Metro DC Dance Award for “Emerging Choreographer” for Hammock. 

About Sarah Levitt

Sarah Levitt (Resident Artist/Communications Coordinator) is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Maryland.