TAKOMA PARK MOVES is a beautiful class offered on Thursday nights at Dance Exchange. It is an open level class for anyone who wants to join. Anyone anyone. Any age, any experience, any body, any ability. This is a class about moving together.

Moving together is an important experience. With a few minutes in this classroom, you will understand why.

Movement in the body is cognitively linked to empathy. When we observe actions occurring, mirror neurons in the motor cortex of the brain fire. What these neurons do is simulate the action as if the observer were completing it. So in a sense, I understand your actions through a simultaneous sensation. Just by watching someone move you gain empathic understanding of their experience.

This is amazing! There is so much to learn and infinite opportunities for connection just by moving with someone. That is what makes the diverse foundation of the TAKOMA PARK MOVES class so meaningful. By connecting with others who are different from you, you can learn more about the world. You can align with someone completely different from yourself and understand what it might be like to be them, if only for a moment.

This class also allows us to feel the deep rhythmic differences that come with different stages of life. Watching the bounce of someone who is still growing, or the elegant skeletal architecture that comes with age, you can begin to identify within yourself that which is unique in the way you move.

Contrasting artistic choices in improvisation and rhythmic variations from different bodies, make dancing with those who are different illuminating. It offers your body the chance of observe and incorporate new avenues of quality and tempo, architecture and locomotion. It provides you with a new perspective.

At Takoma Park Moves I have had the honor of dancing with movers my age and upwards of seven decades. We move together in unison, we improvise making individual artistic choices, and we partner sharing weight and touch. It is tremendously refreshing to come into contact with others that understand the world in a different way, and employ unique ways of moving through it. I highly recommend that anyone with any interest in moving come to this encouraging, adaptable, and inclusive class. Come and make the space a more diverse and illuminating place. 


September through May.

Thursdays, 6:30-8pm, $10 per class
First Thursday of each month from 6:30-7pm, free!




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