The Night We’ve All Been Waiting For

Last night’s performance–really the entire day– was a blast and a blur. What I do remember is watching the last section of our piece from the stage wings and thinking, ”I can’t believe it’s over.”

The live performance almost felt like something separate. I can’t explain why, but adding an audience created new energy that caught me by surprise, and changed the way I understood what we had created.

After the show, ADI hosted a lovely reception, which was a wonderful opportunity to visit with audience members. I loved hearing how much they enjoyed Dance Exchange’s piece.

Tonight I’ll say goodbye to these beautiful and talented dancers that I’ve had the honor of making art with all week. I’m trying not to think about it.

I’m still in a daze so I’ll just say come to the 2pm show today, it’s fabulous.

Emily, Cassie and Sarah after last night's show. Photo by Kate Mattingly.

Editors note: Bimbola Akinbola, a PhD student in the American Studies department at the University of Maryland, is blogging daily about her experience as a participant in this year’s Summer Institute.  You can read her other blog entries here. –S.L.

About Bimbola Akinbola

Bimbola Akinbola, is a doctoral student in American Studies at the University of Maryland, and currently engages with Dance Exchange on a number of projects and events, giving voice to the process through documentation.