FRIDAY Class with Keira Hart-Mendoza

This Friday we kick off part one of a two-part series with Keira Hart-Mendoza! Keira is a multi-faceted, generous, and warm artist and one that I always enjoy spending time with. These qualities are also interwoven into the classes that she teaches, which help facilitate an experience that allow for multiple entry points and really give permission to try new things and explore. Keira is a local Guest Artist in Residence at Dance Exchange this season, so be on the lookout for her other classes in the spring and her HOME event later this month, where she will be showing some works-in-progress and using Liz Lerman’s CRP to get feedback on that work. Keira will be teaching Friday, October 4 and 11. 9:30 to 11:15 am, $12 (or $10 with a class card). 18+


Keira Hart Mendoza in the studio.

Keira Hart-Mendoza is often found wearing more than one dance hat at any given moment.  She is the Artistic Director and choreographer for the DC based dance company UpRooted Dance.   She is often found performing and creating work in and around Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Keira’s choreography and video work has been shown nationally and internationally in Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, across the state of Virginia, the DC-Metro Area, and in Mexico.

Working interdisciplinary and collaborating with artists in all fields is an essential aspect of Keira’s work.  She has worked with musicians, filmmakers, engineers, actors, motion capture technology, and fashion designers.  Keira herself jumps in and out of roles such as costume designer, set designer, and video artist.  She also won “Best Student Work” for her video piece entitled “Seeing is…” at the American Dance Festival’s Dance for the Camera Film and Video Festival 2005.

In the DC Metro Area, Keira has presented work at Dance Place, Joy of Motion Dance Center, Sylvia Greenberg Theater, Sydney Harman Center for the Arts, Reston Town Center, the store front windows at Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot…, L2 Lounge in Georgetown, The Capital Skyline Hotel Pool, and Sidebar in Silver Spring.  Her goal is to show work both in the theater setting and in other unique and unlikely settings in and around town.
During her dance training Keira has had the opportunity to attend numerous dance and film festivals in the US and abroad.  Keira has been a guest artist at James Madison University, University of Virginia, Coppin State University in Baltimore, and at Arizona State University. She also performs with Daniel Burkholder/The Playground.

Class Description: Classes will gather dancers together through structured movement exercises in conjunction with live music by violinist David Schulman and taiko drummer Mark H. Rooney.  This phrase work will explore integrated movement throughout the entire body while trying to find a deeper connection to the music being played simultaneously.  Dancers will also work together in pairs, trios and in large ensembles through group structured improvisations.  These improvisations will allow dancers to exercise personal movement choices, while connecting more personally to others in the class.

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Matthew Cumbie (Associate Artistic Director) is a dance artist and collaborator who currently lives in Washington, DC.