FRIDAY Class w/ Shula Strassfeld

It’s been a bit of time since we last had an artist hold a number of weeks in a row, and I’m so excited to have this next one be with Shula. Shula brings such a wealth of information into the room, ranging from her work with Susan Klein, Irene Dowd, a significant amount of time bridging ballet and modern dance forms, and years of work with Liz Lerman and Cassie Meador and Dance Exchange. Over the next three weeks, we can really dig into some of this information with Shula and allow time for it to settle into the body. If you’re wanting a class that can strengthen and lengthen you, offer new patterns or reinforce known patterns, and show you how movers and makers of all ages and backgrounds can come together and sustain their dancing lives then this is a class for you. Shula will be teaching January 17, 24, and 31. 9:30 to 11:15 am, $12. 18+

Shula Strassfeld

Shula Strassfeld began dancing “too late” and has been dancing ever since. After training in NY with members of the Jose Limon Company and Collete Barry and Susan Klein, Shula lived in the US, Israel and Canada. She has danced with choreographers Susan Rose, Joy Kellman, Flora Cushman, Mirali Sharon, Jan Van Dyke and Sandra Neels. Shula has an MA in Dance Education from Columbia University and has taught at Trinity College (Hartford CT), Rubin Academy of the Hebrew University, York University and at the professional schools of Canadian Ballet Theatre, Ballet Creole and the Kibbutz Dance Company. She joined Dance Exchange in 2007.

Class description: The warm up will use elements of ballet and modern filtered through the body work concepts of Susan Klein and Irene Dowd. And if that feels intimidating- it shouldn’t. What I mean is that we will discover, using the wisdom of good anatomical knowledge, the most appropriate, efficient and safe ways for each of us to move.

From there we will move to exploring movement together using Dance Exchange Tools and variations that unfold as we work. As always each dancer is encouraged to participate as fully as possible while making whatever variations feel best. I hope the classes will be fun, interesting and have at least one “ahah” moment a week.

About Matthew Cumbie

Matthew Cumbie (Associate Artistic Director) is a dance artist and collaborator who currently lives in Washington, DC.