Work/Study: Get to know Megan Baker!

[Editor’s Note: Megan came to DC for an internship this past fall and found her way to Dance Exchange for weekly classes. Shortly after, she came on board as teh inaugural Work/Study for our Takoma Park MOVES series. Each week, Megan handled registration and check-in in exchange for discounted class, and became a fixture of our series. She is now back in Northampton, where she is working towards her bachelor’s degree; still, her presence lives on in the space and in this community of class goers. For more information on our Work/Study program, email Matthew at –M.C.]

Megan Baker in front of the White House.

MC: I’m curious about your life before Dance Exchange: what were you doing? What brings you to DC?
MB:I am a student at Smith College, so before I encountered Dance Exchange I was studying (and still am!) English and Government. I was in DC for the summer and fall of 2014 for a program through the Government Department, where a group of students work at internships in their policy field of choice, take classes, and complete independent research.

MC: What drew you to Dance Exchange? To the Work/Study program?
MB: I danced growing up, and really missed moving. My sister happens to work down the street from DX, saw a flyer, and told me about it. I was excited for the opportunity to dance again, but as a student and unpaid intern, the cost of classes were an issue. Luckily though, DX has the Work/Study program, and I was able to afford classes! It was also a great way for me to work in “me time” in my schedule.

MC: What kinds of things have you been doing as a Work/Study?
MB: I helped with registration and put out a sign for advertising before class, and after class tidied up and helped with the accounting of funds from the class. Totally worth it!

MC: Being relatively new to DC, what has been a highlight of being here (in DC or at DX or both)?
MB: While I loved my experience with DX, the highlight of my time in DC was when I saw the President and First Lady twice in one day (and the VP once), hands down. That was a really cool day.

MC: What do you think you will be taking away from this experience?
MB: From my general DC experience, because it was the first time living on my own, I’ll be taking away the knowledge that I can be a “real person” and juggle responsibilities and budget and whatnot. From DX, I’m taking away a renewed love of dance! I’m back on the Smith campus now, and my first week of classes is soon; I’m registered for two dance classes and so excited to begin!

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