How are you responding to this moment in time?

We know the arts are vital in helping us create the world we want to live in. They offer a visceral and vivid understanding of the places where we live and work that continually allow us- as individuals and as communities- to show up whole, present, and connected. And we know they help us take action.

Through the challenges of these times, we must lead our actions with inquiry. By asking questions, we are better equipped to move through discomfort – we can better hold the complexity and nuance necessary to imagine a brighter world. It is not enough to simply move forward, though – we must shape the opportunities before us to meet the challenges and complexity of these times. We must create new opportunities that offer resilience and support to continue imagining and creating the world we need. As we forge ahead into our fifth decade of socially relevant dancemaking, we want to share with you a question that is helping lead the way for us:

How do we – as artists, as an organization, as a country – meet and respond to this moment in time?

Here are some of the ways we are coming to meet this moment in time:

  • At a time when we need to be making the truth of science visible and accessible, we are working in the public schools of Tupelo, MS, using our Moving Field Guide program to teach about climate change. Watch a video and read more here.
  • At a time when we need to ensure the protection and access to our public lands, we are collaborating with educators from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in OffSite/Insight: Stories from the Great Smoky Mountains. Read more in Dance Teacher magazine.
  • At a time when we need to remember and recognize the complexity of why people come to this country and how this shapes our story, we return to a seminal Dance Exchange work that engages communities in conversations of immigration and migration: Still Crossing. Listen on Richmond NPR

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing on Facebook and Instagram some of the ways we are continuing to meet and respond to this moment in time, how this is shaping our work going forward, and how you can be a part of our movement. Follow us at #DXis40 and take action today by donating to Dance Exchange. Your gift of any size will support this work help us continue bringing communities together to inspire action and catalyze change.

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About Cassie Meador

Cassie Meador is the Executive Artistic Director of the Dance Exchange.