Supporting young artists as they change the world

Last week we shared a question with you: How do we – as artists, as an organization, as a country – meet and respond to this moment in time? One answer is with hope. Hope can be a sustaining force as we examine where we are with honesty while casting a vision for where we want to be with integrity and care. With hope, we can consider the future responsibly.

That future was something I thought about every week this past season while working alongside our Youth Programs. Through our rehearsals I had insight into the cares and concerns of these young people and provided opportunities to change our relationship to those cares and concerns through dancemaking. Each week I was reminded of what could be possible, and that hope comes in all shapes and sizes. As we set the stage for next season, I continue to be inspired by the ways these young artists come together and take action in the world.

Dance Exchange continues our commitment to support these young artists and the hope that they carry for a brighter future. Your contribution of any size will help support programs like these.

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At a time when we need to be looking ahead to support the next generation of changemakers and leaders, I am encouraged by how we are growing the ways we work with young artists, as in:

We thank your for helping us secure that bright future.

When facilitating a recent youth program, we began with this question, “How do you share your power with others?” As we moved through our answers, learning about each other and our communities and creating short performances, the youth were making confident decisions and taking care of one-another. It’s moments like these where I am reminded of the power we each carry, and what is possible when asked how we share that.

– Sam Horning, DX Adjunct Artist & Co-Director of DX Youth Programs

About Matthew Cumbie

Matthew Cumbie (Associate Artistic Director) is a dance artist and collaborator who currently lives in Washington, DC.