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“Opening up to seeing another way to move myself so that I can more effectively move others was revealing and strengthening. And about that ‘moving others’… one of the things that history teaches is that the ‘moving’ of others, the mobilizing of the people, the ‘getting your folk together’ is so necessary to moving forward.” – vickie washington

A central figure in our Dallas-based cohort, vickie washington knows about mobilizing people. She has a long history in Dallas, and engages in racial justice work as a theater director, educator, and activist. vickie joined Dance Exchange in Bricks & Bones, and discovered new and necessary ways for bringing our bodies to this work.

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Bricks & Bones is a performance series in response to the erasure of Black lives and communities in Dallas, Texas, and the movements to recover, rebuild and honor those lost histories. We partnered with the Embrey Family Foundation, Dallas Faces Race, Ignite|ArtsDallas, Southern Methodist University, and the South Dallas Cultural Center and a cohort of artists and organizers. In the fall of 2015 we shared over two years of work and research through performance engagements at the African American Museum in Dallas, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Billy Dade Middle School, and the South Dallas Cultural Center. This process laid the foundation for Dance Exchange to continue working with local communities to advance racial justice and racial equity, animated this season through our Institutes and local programming, a performance workshop at the Dance/USA national conference, and through our year-long residency at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

>> Watch excerpts and listen to stories of Bricks & Bones

We continue on this journey this week by traveling to the Old Cambridge Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA to join their work on dismantling white supremacy. We will be co-leading worship service, sharing performance excerpts and engagements from Bricks & Bones, and facilitating an adult forum that brings us into dialogue and dancemaking about how our creative capacities deepen our understanding and offer ways to dismantle white supremacy and about the necessity of embodied racial healing. 

In the Boston area? Join us at the Old Cambridge Baptist Church on Sunday, June 25. 

Marti Head, president of Dance Exchange’s Board of Directors and a member of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church,  recognized an opportunity to connect more deeply through movement and made the link for Dance Exchange:

“Last year, our congregation made a commitment to dismantling white supremacy. That commitment has led me to think deeply about my own life and privilege, asking myself, ‘What does this commitment mean for me personally, and how do I think about what is required of me?‘ The arts, and dance specifically, offer a different way of thinking about society and our role within it- what we can know with the body brings a different understanding in our hearts and minds.” – Marti Head

With your help, we can continue our necessary work in leveraging our creative practices for racial justice and support communities in their movements towards the change we need.

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Cassie and Matthew

About Matthew Cumbie

Matthew Cumbie (Associate Artistic Director) is a dance artist and collaborator who currently lives in Washington, DC.