Alison Waldman

Marketing and Communications Manager

Alison Waldman is a Washington, D.C.-based “entrepren-artist” and who uses her powers for good. As Marketing and Communications Manager at Dance Exchange and in her work as an independent consultant, designer, photographer, and creative collaborator, she works with non-profit and arts organizations to improve their messaging in an ever-changing digital age, incorporate creativity into their work, and connect with their communities. 

In addition to her work as a marketing professional, Alison is a Resident Movement Artist at Georgetown University Hospital, a workplace wellness instructor in corporate settings, and performs and creates with the dance theatre company Contradiction Dance. Her motto, shamelessly stolen from Albert Einstein, is, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” She believes that everyone can dance.

Alison enjoys cooking and baking, photography, being an audience member, and taking walks with her dog Sesame. She has a degree in Communications from Denison University and was born and raised in the nerdiest, musical theatre-iest family in all the land of Rochester, N.Y. Read more about Alison’s work at