Samuel Horning

Resident Artist & Programs Manager Sam Horning is a dancer, educator, and dance maker currently rooted in Washington, DC. His choreographic mind is heavily influenced by both the quotidian and poetic spectrums of dance. He values the everyday sublime and archival knowledge, mining both for the inspiration, materials, and compositional structures that become the textures of his dancing. Sam relies on efficiency and chance encounters as a means of movement and composition invention. His work is produced from detailed improvisation techniques and is entrenched by the information the body can receive from external forces. Sam is a graduate of Wayne State University with a BFA in Dance. During his undergraduate career, he had the immense pleasure of studying with Biba Bell, Nicholas Leichter, Meg Paul, Jeffrey Rebudal, Addison O’Day, Ariel Osterweis, Sean Hoskins, and other WSU faculty whom have greatly influenced his artistic choices. While on academic and talent scholarship, Sam was the personal assistant to the Associate Professor and Area Head--Dance, Jeffrey Rebudal and was simultaneously the President of WSU Dance Workshop in his senior year. Some highlights of Sam’s stage career include performances with Matthew Cumbie Projects, Dance Exchange, RebollarDance, ArtlabJ, The Michigan Opera Theatre, Bowen-McCauley Dance, The Michigan Dance Project, and an iteration of Nick Cave’s, Here Hear, with choreography by Biba Bell. Sam has had the honor of performing in several traditional and non-traditional spaces, most notably at Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa, The Kennedy Center, The Joyce, The Detroit Music Hall, The Dance Place, The Detroit Opera House, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Dequindre Cut, and Sogang University. Sam is currently a Resident Artist and the Programs Manager at Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, Maryland.