Silvia Roberts

Director of Operations and Finance

Silvia is a great believer in destiny.  After a career that has taken her from the actuarial sciences to development and from entrepreneurship to field and training management she has landed back in the dance community.  Silvia participated in dance and theatre as a student and feels that her journey has brought her full circle where she will once again have an opportunity to contribute.

Silvia was most recently a manager with the Maryland Comptroller’s office.  She worked for many years as a field and training leader for H & R Block.  Prior to her immersion in the tax industry, she was an entrepreneur in direct response television.  Silvia also worked in development for Columbia University where she managed annual campaigns and reunion class giving.  After her graduation from Harvard University with a concentration in Statistics, she began her work career in actuarial science.

Silvia brings a wealth of management, training, entrepreneurial and strategic planning experience to the Dance Exchange and welcomes the opportunity to join an inclusive, creative community.  She is also a budding urban gardener, a craft and DIY enthusiast and the proud Mom of three amazing adult daughters.