Two for One

May 3, 2012 at 7pm
Dance Exchange
7117 Maple Ave Takoma Park, MD 20912

i.v. is partnering with Dance Exchange to activate i.v. Two for One, a works-in-progress series not for the faint of heart! This lab is about RESEARCH. Here’s how it works: each i.v. Two for One is the domain of TWO choreographers who get ONE hour each to share and get feedback on their work-in-progress. The artist can divide that hour as they choose: 10 minutes of sharing work allows 50 minutes of feedback; 40 minutes gives 20 left to chat. Artists are encouraged to use their time as actual research–try out a single idea or show all you’ve got. Then the artist will guide the audience discussion as needed to gain information about a specific idea that is particularly perplexing or ask for feedback in whatever form is useful. It’s about helping the artist get what is needed to continue and grow, while also letting the audience glimpse another’s creative process. This month, the group Tia Nina and Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman will be performing.

About Tia Nina: Our approach has been described as arresting, abrupt, flirtatious, strong, direct, purposeful and commanding. The style is a response to our culture. Our fans love the condensed quick fix- the sound bite.   We create to communicate with our fans in the most effective way possible. Our performances engage with the audience as if to say, “art is happening here.” The bandmembers are Sammy Rain, J. Van Stone and Sticks. This is their first public performance.

There is a $5 suggested donation for this event.