Dance Exchange Announces Organizing Artists for Change Initiative

CONTACT: Alison Waldman, Dance Exchange
Marketing & Communications Manager

Dance Exchange Announces Organizing Artists for Change Initiative

A new initiative to advance creative practices and projects,
connecting changemakers through dancemaking and collaboration

AUGUST 23, 2016, TAKOMA PARK, MD — Dance Exchange, an innovator in exploring the essential questions of our time through dance, announces a new initiative aimed at the organization’s focus on using dance to support and build capacities as individuals, communities, and organizations to ignite inquiry and inspire action.

Organizing Artists for Change (OAC) offers a range of opportunities for artists and community members to share and develop creative practices, discover new pathways for dancemaking in the world, connect and collaborate with artistic peers, enhance facilitation skills, and become changemakers through creative projects around the country. As Dance Exchange continues to create innovative performance projects, the OAC initiative will be a foundation for these creative outcomes and offers new ways of organizing that support artists in cultivating environments where change can thrive. OAC offerings will include institutes, artist cohorts, creative research intensives, publications, and a Dance Exchange fellowship program.

Dance Exchange’s 2016-17 season marks 40 years of dancemaking and creative practices. OAC honors the organization’s legacy of an ever-growing body of creative practices in partnership with artists and across disciplines and, under the leadership of Executive Artistic Director Cassie Meador, propels them forward to a new decade.

“At Dance Exchange, we see the value that dance has for initiating change in our communities, be those communities created by geography, common purpose, backgrounds, ages, or shared vision,” says Meador. “This year, as we celebrate 40 years, we are also celebrating one of our greatest capacities as an organization— the ways that we advance an ever-growing body of creative practices in partnership with artists and partners across diverse communities and disciplines. Over these four decades, this work has lived in our institutes, residencies and in every community engagement. We are excited to launch OAC to further advancing these efforts by developing and articulating new ways for creating artistic work that enhances local value and impact beyond Dance Exchange’s involvement.”


Founded in 1976 by Liz Lerman and under the artistic direction of Cassie Meador since 2011, Dance Exchange is a non-profit dance organization based in Takoma Park, Maryland. Dance Exchange’s innovative local, national, and international performance projects engage communities and partners across a wide range of disciplines. Dance Exchange ignites inquiry, inspires change, and connects people of all ages more deeply to the questions at the heart of our lives through dancemaking and creative practices by collaborating across generations, disciplines, and communities to channel the power of performance as a means for dialogue, a source of critical reflection, and a creative engine for thought and action.