Dancer Walks 500 Miles to Find Coal Mines via Sierra Club Magazine

Dancer Walks 500 Miles to Find Coal Mines
by Cyndy Patrick

Cassie Meador is on a quest. She has decided to take a little walk — a 500-mile walk,to be exact — to trace the source of the energy she uses in her Washington D.C. home. It all started with a bit of research that led to a disturbing conclusion.

“Learning that my power comes from a mountaintop-removal coal mine left me completely shocked. I realized that I was responsible for what was happening in those communities, part of the choices I make every day.”

Meador, the artistic director of Dance Exchange may seem like an unlikely champion for the environment, but her love of dance has intertwined with her love of the planet for many years. The messages underlying her performances have made people take notice. “I grew up in a family of scientists,” she says, “so that taught me to look at the world in a certain way.” At one point, she considered returning to college for an environmental science degree, but then an unusual opportunity presented itself.

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