500 Miles/500 Stories

In 2012, Cassie Meador walked 500 miles, launching a new initiative in art and environmentalism. The physical journey, which began in early April and ended in June took her on a path to explore the energy sources that power her home starting at her house in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC and travelling through Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The walk took two months to complete and acted as a community engagement tour as well as research and development time for a dance production entitled How To Lose a Mountain, set to premiere in spring 2013.



The 500 Miles 500 Stories project website features an interactive map that is home to this journey, and provides documentation of Cassie’s experiences on the walk, as well as contributions from the people that joined along the way, and the people she met along the trail. This site will also document the process of creating How To Lose a Mountain, a multidisciplinary performance featuring original music, text, and movement that will premiere at Dance Place on March 16-17, 2013.