Growing Our Own Gardens

Growing Our Own Gardens, conceived and directed by DX Associate Artistic Director Matthew Cumbie, is a multidisciplinary, intergenerational performance project rooted in queer world-making. For as long as queer people have been coming together, we have sought and created spaces diverse in shape, size, and purpose – queer worlds – that have been necessary in the building of what we now call the LGBTQ+ community. Gardens unearths hidden histories and personal stories to give a better understanding of these spaces and how to come together across age and difference to build and move forward.

Growing Our Own Gardens is in progress and developing through artist cohorts, Dance Exchange institutes, and collaborations with local communities. It will premiere as an evening-length engagement at Dance Place in Washington, D.C. on February 24-25, 2018.

Read more about the process from Gardens collaborators on the blog.




Growing Our Own Gardens is part of Dance Exchange’s Organizing Artists for Change (OAC) initiative.

For media inquire about Gardens, please contact Alison Waldman. For partnership and presentation inquiries, please contact Matthew Cumbie.