Rent Studio Space

Dance Exchange’s large, handicap-accessible, light-filled studios are for all kinds of creative movement, theatre rehearsals, classes, and provide a nontraditional space for community meetings, team-building, parties, photography, and video shoots. The building has a parking lot, outdoor space, and a kitchenette that are also available to renters. We are metro-accessible, located two blocks from the Takoma metro station (Red Line).

Location: 7117 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, Maryland, a short walk from the Takoma Metro stop.

Directions from Metro: Exit the Metro and walk straight Carroll Avenue towards the 7-Eleven. Continue for one block to Maple Avenue. Turn left on Maple Avenue and arrive at 7117 on your right.  The main entrance and parking lot is at the back of the building.

Availability 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM, 7 days a week

Dimensions, Capacity, and Fees

The capacity for each studio depends on how it is used. If the participants are sitting, such as in a meditation class, we can accommodate more students than if the participants are active, such as in a dance class. Studios 1 and 3 have mirrors. All three studios have a wall-mounted barre. Studios 1 and 2 can be combined to form one large rental space.

Discounts: We offer a discounted weekday rental rate – rentals ending before 5PM Monday-Friday are rented at a 20% discount.

Studio 1 (Rosen Performance Lab):
45 x 47 feet, $50/hour; rehearsal rate
$30/hour; Seated Occupants: 141
Active Occupants: 45

Studio 1 also converts into a blackbox performance space.

Studio 2
22 x 35 feet, $40/hour; rehearsal rate $25/hour
Seated Occupants: 54
Active Occupants: 30

Studio 3
20 ½ x 25 feet, $35/hour; rehearsal rate $20/hour
Seated Occupants: 35
Active Occupants: 15

Studio 3 is recently renovated! New floors, paint, and mirrors were installed in March 2016.


The studio floors are covered in Marley, a floor covering often used for modern dance, which is suitable for bare feet and dance shoes (no street shoes or hard-soled shoes allowed!). No food or beverages are allowed in the studios. Due to limited parking availability, the studios are not well suited for performances or concerts, but work very well for small gatherings and rehearsals. Sorry, no pyrotechnics, smoking, or animals allowed!

To inquire about studio rental, contact Sam Horning
samh@d or 301-270-6700 x 19.

Payments for Rental

You can now make rental payments online via Paypal.

payment increments