Winter 2010 Appeal

Dear Dance Enthusiast,

What comes to mind when you think about the Dance Exchange?

Do you think about the first Dance Exchange workshop you attended and the mix of insight and exhilaration you experienced?

Do you think about the wonder and revelation of watching people in their 70s dancing with people in their 20s?

Or perhaps you remember the surprise of discovering dance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on a nuclear submarine, or in the police station of Takoma Park, Maryland.

We are the dance company preparing to trace the sources of electrical power by walking 500 miles from a home in DC to the strip-mined mountains of Appalachia.

We are the dance company that won support from the National Science Foundation to explore dance-and-conversation as a format for informal science education.

We are the dance company invited into the rainforests of Guyana to conduct and teach art-driven research into the impacts of climate change on this delicate ecology.

We are the dance company partnering with National Forestry Service, MetLife Foundation, and Girl Scouts/USA demonstrating how dance can bring discovery and change to a variety of fields.

We are the dance company that has made you laugh, dance, gasp, question, ruminate, realize, reconsider.

YOU are the reason we are still here. We are still recovering from the devastation of a sudden 30% decrease in our operating budget due to the shrinking economy. Our recovery is not possible without you.

Please make a contribution to our annual fund. Your support creates remarkable change for individuals, communities, the art of dance, and the potential of art.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Warm Regards,
All of us at Dance Exchange

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